Cindy (groovy_mama_cin) wrote in pinch_her_cheek,

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♥other than mommie i go by: Cindy (or Cin)
♥location: Raleigh, North Carolina
♥mommies age: 31 on Feb 17
♥baby girls age & DOB: She will be 1year old on Feb 28
♥baby girls name: Kayla LaShaye
♥the most important thing of motherhood, to me, is: teaching her to love & be happy
♥my birth was like: a painful blur ... quick ... happy to not have drugs
♥10 words describing me as a mother: loving, caring, fun, entertaining, strong, snuggly, silly, teacher, friend, comfortor
♥10 words describing me as a woman: loving, caring, easy going, fun, short, funny, thoughtful, strong, tough, compassionate, creative
♥favorite music/movies/interest: all types of music; comedys, horror flicks; photography
♥one thing i want everyone to know about me: I'm easy going & love to have fun ... but can be a bitch when pushed into a corner.
♥a picture of me, daddy and baby girl:


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