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New Gal

♥other than mommie i go by: Christine
♥location: Plymouth,Pa

♥mommies age:25
♥baby girls[s] age[s] or due date: 8 months old on Jan. 25th
♥baby girls[s] name[s]: Sara Elizabeth
♥the most important thing of motherhood, to me, is: Giving my daughter the best and happiest life I can
♥my birth was like, or, i want my birth to be like: My birth was like nothing I have ever no pain or joy I have ever felt. I wish I could relive that day over everyday. It was also the scariest thing ever
♥10 words describing me as a mother: happy,loving,caring,tired,nervous,confused,calm,excited,patient,soothing
♥10 words describing me as a woman: happy,different,strong,bitchy,tired,caring,loyal,weird,tattooed,confused
♥favorite music/movies/interest: music: polyphonic spree,architecture in helsinki,pretty girls make graves,blood brothers,bjork..movies: dawn of the dead,day of the dead,night of the living daughter,tattoos,shopping,and lj! haha!
♥one thing i want everyone to know about me: I am always looking to make new mommy friends.

♥a picture of me and my baby girl[s]:
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