apple. (_flowerpot) wrote in pinch_her_cheek,

geeze louise.
i just got the rudest comment ever from a comment i left in promo for this community, ive gotten rude reply's before but i usually explain myself in that i made these communities for support and fun. friendship and meeting other mommies. im not one to ever ask for promotion from my other members. because we are mommies, we dont have time! this community should just be a place to vent and ask questions, post pictures and find other mommies. you shouldnt have to promote a community for that. i take time to go find other awesome mommies with similar interests to join. i make sure i read their info and journal and know who im asking. on the same note i dont want the community invite only because i want everyone to feel welcome if they come across it. i dont like slapping a banner on someones friends only page.
i dont need a thousand plus members to join my community. i just want a community thats fun when you have time, a place you can ask questions and know you wont be persecuted with judgement.

this girl was absolutely so rude to me it hurt my feelings.
seeing as i take my time to find members. and im not trying to fill my info page with members. only awesome mommies.
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